Frequently Asked Questions

Our puppies boast 100% purebred lineage, sourced from bloodlines hailing from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA. Additionally, they are bred from working line dogs, ensuring robust genetics and absolutely no genetic mutations.

In the unfortunate event that anything were to occur to your puppy shortly after your purchase, we are committed to offering assistance and support. Additionally, all our puppies come with 30 days of complimentary insurance from Truepanion. This ensures that during those crucial initial days, your puppy is covered until you can secure insurance for them.

Certainly! For those seeking a smaller canine companion, we also breed them. This encompasses Pomeranians, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers. Moreover, upon request, we specialize in designer breeds such as Pomachoo, Yorkaranian, and Yorkiepoo.

10 Weeks

Puppies will be available for purchase only after reaching the 10-week mark.